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An outstanding University in the central region of Korea

Since it was established in 1956, the College of Pharmacy at Chungbuk National University has provided the world-class pharmaceutical education in Korea. Approximately two thousand and five hundreds of the undergraduates and one thousand and five hundreds graduate(Ph.D and MA) are working in community pharmacies and hospitals as pharmacists, Approximately two thousand of the graduates are working in community pharmacies and hospitals as pharmacists, pharmaceuticals and related companies as research scientists, and in government agencies. The graduates has been contributed to improving the national health care as well as upgrading the pharmaceutical science at the global level. We have also achieved big improvement of research by carrying out giant national projects, and published competitive articles in top-notch SCI journals for the last 10~15 years.

The College has focused on fostering highly qualified professionals through well-refined academic system by excellent faculty members and its well-equipped facilities. Pharmacy education was changed into 6-year curriculum which focused on clinical studies, primarily practices, in 2011. Thus, we renovated all academic programs, recruited new faculty members with clinical experiences, and set up the network with community pharmacy as well as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies and research institutes for pharmacy practice. Currently 217 undergraduate students and 480 graduate students are enrolled in the College of Pharmacy, and strives to take a leap to the world top 10.

The College of Pharmacy was moved to Osong, which has high-tech medical cluster as global business hub for the high-tech medical industry, national research institute, clinical hospitals and regulatory agencies, in February 2017. For 100 years of future education, the College will try to provide competitive educational programs in cutting-edge teaching and research facilities for undergraduate and graduate students. The College of Pharmacy aims to educate students who are committed to pharmaceutical care and promote scholarly activities in pharmaceutical sciences. Brain Korea 21(BK21+), Medical Research Center(MRC), and Osong Industry-Academy Convergence program promote graduate students competitive research ability.

Thank you for your interest in College of Pharmacy, Chungbuk National University.
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