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  • If offers the courses in order to be scientists who research into academic theory and thechnology for preventing and curing disease, or professionals who can apply theory and technology on medicine and medical supplies.
  • It progresses education and research on bio-active components, namely, properties and biological actions in medicine and medical supplies, the separation and confirmation in bio-active components, the evaluation of remedial effect, the combination and compound in medicine and medical supplies, pathophysiology, information on medicine and medical supplies, public health, and Oriental medicine.
  • It has 10 research rooms by major field, and is equipped with the attached pharmacy practice room, herb garden, central machinery room, and animal laboratory in order to support these research rooms.
  • Regarding the socially functional fields available for being active affer graduation, the activity is possible in pharmacy management, hospital and pharmaceutical company, education and research field, food and environment field, and health administration and technology field.

  • Training of the fully functioning pharmacists, re-education of pharmacists, R&D in high-tech new medicine

  • Strategy ofr development into the prestigious college ofpharmacy

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