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Establishment objective and history
It has reached the present by having been established on September 31, 1956 with the aim of training competent pharmacy students who can contribute to development in community by acquiring the combination and injection of new medical supplies and the technology on managing pharmacy based on the deeply academic theory in line with development in medical supplies that are continuously developed and invented.
Main activities
This attached pharmacy is securing the practice room (10 pyeong) equipped with the prescription stand on the 2nd floor of the building for the College of Pharmacy, and is playing the following roles. The activity situations of each department are as follows.
Prescription research room : Practice of preparing medical supplies by prescription
Medication research room : Practice of pharmacy medication according to prescription
Machinery room : Quality control of medical supplies

Establishment objective and history
This herb garden was established in May of 1956 in accordance with the provisions in Article 11 of the order for university installation standard and in Article 4, Clause 1 of Chungbuk National University regulations. The aim is to allow pharmacy students to acquire knowledges of differentiation, physiology, ecology, classification, and cultivation by appearance in several kinds of medicinal plants, and is to train excellent pharmacy students who contribute to the national profits by developing new medication resources and saving foreign currency through the test of a change in plant ingredients according to period of gathering, the test of the domestication cultivation for localization of the imported herb medicine, and the breeding test for developing excellent kind. .
Organization and present status
This herb garden has 1 director, and 1 head, respectively, for the department of cultivation and the department of sample. As for area, it possesses 700 pyeong for test plot, 1500 pyeong for cultivation plot, and 1500 pyeong for the sample part, thereby preserving and managing the cultivation test in several kinds of medicinal plants, and the sample plants in more than about 300 species, and cultivating and managing several kinds of medicinal plants in the tropical and sub-tropical regions in 12-pyeong greenhouse.
The preservation and management of sample plants in medicinal-herb resources, the cultivation test of severally medicinal herbs, the research on processing method, the experiment of pharmacognosy, the supply of materials, the experiment on domestication cultivation of severally imported medicinal herbs, the breeding experiment for developing excellent kinds, and the domestication cultivation test and remedial-effect test in about 10 species from China such as education of cultivation technology in medicinal plants for pharmacy students
Main activities
Research and experiment on the resources and classification of main plants(medicinal herbs), on the external and internal shapes of main plants(medicinal herbs), on the distribution and specialty of main plants(medicinal herbs), on the chemical structure and chemical confirmative method in main plants(medicinal herbs), on the test method of main plants(medicinal herbs), on the utility and application of main plants(medicinal herbs), and on medicine prepared from crude drugs, and prescription
Guidance of use
The field trip to several kinds of medicinal plants that this herb garden has is possible at any time. A group or an individual who wants the experiment of cultivation in several kinds of medicinal plants can use this herb garden at any time. Also, when trying to be parcelled out a sample in this herb garden, the parcelling out is available after passing through the fixed procedure given getting in touch with this herb garden.
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